At Lab Support we are a small but dedicated team.  Where we need to, especially for larger projects, we work with a carefully selected and trusted team of  sub contractors that are specialists in their respective fields. This way, we keep our costs low but deliver a first class product.

Malcolm Bromley BSc - Biological Sciences

Malcolm has a wide range of experience in a variety of science and engineering disciplines. Starting out in a “hands on” management role in a hard chrome plating facility for a reclamation engineering company, Malcolm then moved on to work in chemical engineering and biotechnology. This involved process plant for pharmaceutical manufacturing throughout the UK and Southern Ireland and also included such projects as a 

75 tonnes per day nitric acid recovery facility and the first part of a nuclear fuel recovery plant for the British Royal Navy submarine fleet. The biotechnology products where mainly involved in cell immobilisation systems used for mammalian cells, bacteria and yeast and substrates for protein and immunology research.  The next move was to fibre optics for applications such as rapid endotoxin detection, photo activated cancer therapy, engine temperature management systems for RAF Tornadoes and a laser delivery system for Rolls Royce.

Since moving to New Zealand Malcolm has been involved in the supply of fume cupboards and laboratory furniture for a wide range of projects.

Outside of work Malcolm still has a passion for rock music. Whilst he no longer performs, Apple garage band still gets a good work out from time to time. 

Jane Bromley BEd

Jane is an educator and her main role is to keep Malcolm under control. Often working with Malcolm on fume cupboard certification and maintenance, Jane has also been known to pick up a screw driver and spanners to work on extraction fans as well as the odd silicon gun to install laboratory furniture. 

Jane’s passion outside of work is her veggie garden and her critters (including Malcolm). 

Extraction Fans