Chemical Storage


Correct storage of chemicals is a vital part of laboratory safety. We take this aspect very seriously and not only supply cabinets, but provide guidance on safe practices and how to significantly improve storage regimes.

We also provide and install extraction systems to maintain airflow through the cabinets, eliminating the possibility of build up of fumes, especially where flammable goods are involved.  

 Our range includes

  - Class 3 flammable liquids

  - Class 4 hazardous goods

  - Class 5.1 oxidising agents

  - Class 5.2 organic peroxides

  - Class 6 toxic substances

  - Class 8 corrosive substances

All our cabinets meet New Zealand standards and feature

Continuous piano hinges - improved durability and reliable action

Fully powder coated finish - all surfaces are fully powder coated, inside and outside

Recessed handles - recessed handles with keyed locks 

Self closing and latching doors - sequential, hands free closing where cabinets have double doors 

Double walled - double steel wall with 40 mm air gap

Heavy duty perforated steel shelves - ensures air movement within the cabinet and extra strength

Earthing connection - earthing kit included for elimination of potential static build up

Liquid tight sump - specified for spill storage and complies with New Zealand standards

Vent ports - to provide effective ventilation where required with flash arresters

Construction options:

Double walled 1.2 mm thick powder coated steel

Chemical resistant PVC

Standard capacities for steel cabinets are:

30 litre

60 litre

100 litre

160 litre

250 litre

Standard capacities for PVC cabinets are:

40 litres

70 litres

140 litres

Custom sizes available on request

Fume cupboard with chemical storage. This under bench cabinet is separately ventilated by its own fan that extracts to the building roof. 

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