Recirculating Fume Cabinets

Recirculating fume cabinets are very useful and they are safe, provided that their limitations are recognised and strictly observed. Lab Support are responsible suppliers and will provide a full operational assessment prior to recommending the correct products for your particular application. 

According to Worksafe, a supplier of equipment must provide the following information to their intended customer: 

- The product’s purpose or intended use

- The results of calculations and tests

- Any general and current relevant information about how to safely use, handle, store, construct, inspect,

clean, maintain, repair, or otherwise work near the products supplied.

This means that a supplier MUST specify the limitations of use of their products. Even if you do not use the expertise on offer from Lab Support, please read the operational check list on the link provided below.  This information applies to all recirculating fume cabinets, regardless off supplier. 

Use Lab Support’s expertise to make certain you have the best possible solution. We back our recommendations with extensive scientific experience and engineering expertise.

Don’t take chances with safety


We provide a range of recirculating fume cabinets. All our products comply with AS/NZS2243.9 and provide a safer and more economical operation.

- Option for supply with built in low airflow alarm and filter breakthrough detection alarm. Eliminates the requirements for expensive and time consuming monthly testing for cabinets that do not have both these features. 

“AS/NZS2243.9. Section 7.5.1 MONTHLY MAINTENANCE. Where the recirculating fume cabinet is not fitted with automatic airflow and filter saturation monitors, the airflow and filter saturation SHALL be checked.”

- The fume cabinets are manufactured to the highest possible standards for Lab Support

- Our supply partners are recognised experts in filter technology and manufactures their own filters. They also

  supply these filters to Europe’s major fume cabinet manufacturers such as Astec, Bigneat, Captair, 

  Semper and Safelab. Talk to the experts.

- No requirement for ductwork. Installation costs are minimal

- Quiet operation

- Mobile. Can be relocated provided the required safety checks are carried out. 

- Additional services can be fitted as well as docking stations

- Log book provided with every fume cabinet to ensure standards compliance

Be safe and get the best possible result for your staff and your lab. Talk to Lab Support

 - Bench Top Fume Cabinets

 - Mobile Fume Cabinets

 - Educational Fume Cabinets

Contact Lab Support about your requirements and get the best advice for your application
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