Other Cabinets

We can supply a comprehensive range of other cabinets for a variety of applications. Market sectors include:

 - Medical

 - Forensic

 - Industrial

 - Educational

 - Dental

                                    - Filtered chemical storage cabinets

                                    - Downdraft tables

                                    - Downflow work stations

                                    - PCR cabinets

                                    - UV Sterilisation enclosure

                                    - Document examination tables

                                    - Portable fume case

                                    - Forensic drying cabinet

The CSC range of benchtop or freestanding, filtered storage cupboards are ideal for use in laboratory environments where harmful substances are stored

Without proper containment and filtration, chemical containers can exude odorous and hazardous vapours in to the laboratory environment. The CSC range of Laboratory Storage Cupboards have been designed to store such containers in a safe and secure manner, filtering off any hazardous fumes and odours.

Freestanding Downdraft Tables are designed to give operator protection whilst allowing complete, easy access to the working area. Harmful vapours are drawn downward through the stainless steel worksurfaces by efficient, low noise DC speed controlled centrifugal fans. The air then passes through the main activated carbon filter(s) which allows clean air to be re-circulated back into the Laboratory.

As well as the standard sizes we can custom design models to clients own specific requirements.

The DWS is a compact bench mounted Downflow Workstation. It is ideal for operators handling harmful substances that require unrestricted access to their work area. simply plug in for immediate use.

The PCR-60 Vertical Laminar Cabinet is a highly efficient enclosure designed to safely decontaminate items placed inside whilst maintaining a safe environment for the user.

The PCR workstation is ideal for preparing PCR and sterile samples in a way which prevents accidental contamination with unwanted DNA. The laminar flow workstation achieves this by providing lean air conditions which are comparably better than Class 100 at the worksurface.

The UV enclosure is a highly efficient safe enclosure designed to safely decontaminate items placed inside whilst maintaining a safe environment for the user.

High intensity UV lamps are fitted inside of the chamber. Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) is a disinfection method to inactivate microorganisms by destroying nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA, leaving them unable to perform vital cellular functions. A simple, rotary adjustable timer located on the front panel that allows up to 120 minutes timer count down.

UV lamps are positioned to ensure maximum coverage for the items inside. The internal surfaces are manufactured using polished Stainless Steel which naturally reflects UV radiation.

The Document Examination Bench (DEB) is a freestanding bench designed to provide operator protection from Ninhydrin and powders often used in the process of developing latent fingerprints

The Portable FC is a compact fume filtration workstation ideal for operators that require protection from harmful substances when they are out in the field. Setup is quick and easy, simply open up and turn on.

The Forensic Evidence Drying Cabinet is used for drying and storing evidence recovered from crime scenes. The cabinet will ensure containment of fumes, odours and particulates whilst also minimizing the risk of cross contamination.

The FDC cabinet range is ductless which allows it to be easily transported or moved to different locations. Designed and constructed using corrosion resistant materials increases its operational life.

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