Testing and Certification

Ducted fume cupboards are included as specified systems in your building compliance schedule, SS11 Laboratory Fume Cupboards. As such, they have to be tested and certified by an IQP (Independent Qualified Person) to make certain that they conform to all the requirements of AS/NZS2243.8 and that the IQP can issue a 12A certificate. This states that the required testing and maintenance has been carried out for the previous 12 months and it is required for your building warrant of fitness. The recommended testing schedule is:

- A 6 monthly test should be carried out. This includes air flow, containment and general maintenance  of the fume cupboard.

- The annual test shall cover all aspects of the fume cupboard and its performance, from the cupboard itself through to the fan and exhaust stack, including air flow, containment, the function of the control system, cleaning and maintenance to the requirements of the standard. 

Unlike many IQPs, we are scientists and, as such, have an in depth understanding of laboratories and the inherent dangers specific to these environments. All our testing is comprehensive with reports that, depending on the type of installation and operation, can cover up to 7 pages for each fume cupboard. 

We don’t take shortcuts.

                                                                          - No hand held anemometer tests. The anemometer probe is held 

                                                                            steady in a retort stand and this removes any inaccuracies by 

                                                                            ensuring the probe is always correctly oriented to the air flow. 

                                                                            Also, being held rigidly removes any false readings caused by 

                                                                            hand held wobbles and vibrations.   

                                                                          - This also allows the tester to stand to one side of the fume 

                                                                            cupboard, as required by the standard and removing any 

                                                                            obstruction to the airflow.

                                                                          - No abbreviated tests.


At Lab Support we provide testing and certification to the highest possible standard, so much so that we have been recognised for our training of fume cupboard IQP’s. 

We do not only manufacture, supply and install laboratory fume cupboards, but have also used them in a laboratory technician’s role. 

There is no substitute for actual experience.

If you are in Auckland or the Waikato, please contact us for the highest standard of testing and certification and maintenance.

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Service and Maintenance

To comply with the requirements of the fume cupboard standard, they must not only be tested but they must also be serviced and maintained. Lab Support carry out this service as part of our standard testing program. Unfortunately there are a number of IQP’s who consider testing only to be the extent of the service required. The following photographs show the potential issues caused when fume cupboards are not properly maintained. 




This maintenance not only covers cleaning and decontamination, but also a full assessment of  the fume cupboard systems and general condition.  

And we won’t tell you some of the things we have found on top of fume cupboards. We’ll leave that to your imagination.

Extraction fan motors that have never been inspected or serviced

Recirculating Fume Cabinet Testing and Service

Probably one of the most poorly serviced and understood pieces of laboratory equipment is the recirculating fume cabinet. These items are not included in the building compliance schedule and are therefore often overlooked when it comes to testing and servicing.  

The standard that covers these units is AS/NZS2243.9 and this includes clear instructions on how they should be used, maintained and tested. 

- Each recirculating fume cabinet shall have a log book. This will list the chemicals used, the volumes and the hours used per day.

- If the fume cabinet does not have an automatic filter breakthrough detection system and a low airflow alarm, it should be tested once per month.

- If it does have these systems, once a year they should be calibrated according to the manufacturers instructions. 

- The fume cabinet must be tested for electrical safety once per year.

There are many more aspects to the safe use of these fume cabinets that are often over looked. 

We provide :

- Comprehensive user instruction

- A full maintenance service including cleaning and inspection

- Airflow smoke testing

- Air velocity testing

- Filter breakthrough testing

- Filter media change

- Pre filter replacement

Be safe. Be certain.

Lab Support Services. Scientists supporting science.

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