Fume Cupboards

Lab Support COMPACT Fume Cupboards

Featuring Built In Web Cam. Innovation, Performance, Customisation and Reliability.  

Lab Support provide a wide range of ducted fume cupboards to meet the needs of most laboratories. With a few exceptions to the current range, the majority of our fume cupboards are now designed and manufactured here in New Zealand. We use the highest quality materials and experienced fabricators to provide durable, safe, innovative and functional solutions. 

All our products fully comply with the latest version of AS/NZS2243.8

Innovation and versatility for all applications including schools, tertiary education and commercial laboratories. 

 The Academy fume cupboard design provides the basic functionality required for many

 schools installations. 

A range of fume cupboards for tertiary education, research and commercial laboratories. Traditional design philosophies combined with excellent functionality, the highest quality services and a full range of control options. 

Topair’s headquarters are in the USA, but they are a truly international company. They manufacture high quality fume cupboard in polypropylene providing the highest possible chemical resistance. Combined with our AS/NZS2243.8 compliant control systems, we can provide solutions for the most demanding environments. 

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