Video from the Compact fume cupboard’s built in web cam

What ever your application, the Lab Support Compact fume cupboard range will provide a number of features that will help to improve your lab functionality. 

Whether the installation is in a school, tertiary education facility, commercial or research laboratory, there are many features that are common to all our compact range. 

-  Trespa Toplab Plus work surface

 - Choice of service outlets including water, combustible gas, vacuum, compressed air and nitrogen

 - Pull out side pod making all the electronics and control systems easily accessible for service and     

   maintenance. This side pod is completely isolated from the main fume cupboard chamber and is fitted with 

   2 keyed alike locks to meet electrical safety requirements and restrict unauthorised access

 - Can easily fit in to labs with low ceilings and not restrict access to electrical components

 - High output, energy efficient LED lights that require minimal maintenance


The Ultimate Versatility and Functionality for School Laboratories

Ideal for schools providing all the features needed for educational applications. Extensive airflow testing during development has ensured exceptional containment and the control system fully complies with AS/NZS2243.8

  A clear side window can be fitted in the main fume cupboard chamber and this allows for

  a web cam or wi-fi camera to be fitted in this side pod. This is completely isolated from the main fume 

  chamber eliminating the need for a camera that is intrinsically safe and chemical resistant. This means 

  students no longer need to crowd round a fume cupboard to try and see an experiment with all the inherent 

  problems of visibility and noise. The full procedure can be projected on to the class room front screen. 

  Students can remain seated and take notes whilst the experiment is running. This feature can also be used to 

  provide remote learning opportunities. Isolating the camera from the main chamber means that the school  

  can choose the best  solution compatible with the existing computers and projector system. 

- FCV5 Control System. Functional, reliable and economical

- Choice of acrylic or toughened glass sash.

- Standard sizes are:                - 1200 mm wide x 600 mm deep

                                                  - 1200 mm wide x 750 mm deep

                                                  - 1500 mm wide x 600 mm deep

                                                  - 1500 mm wide x 750 mm deep

Special sizes are available on request



All the outstanding Compact features with a range of extra options make the 

Lab Support Compact PFH the ideal choice for tertiary education and 

commercial laboratory installations.

 - Choice of FCV5 Control Systems for basic functions or the Odyssey fully optioned control systems

 - Fixed airflow or variable air volume options

 - Auto sash lowering with obstruction sensors

 - Choice of acrylic, glass or polycarbonate sashes

 - Choice of single piece or split sash

 - With the Odyssey control option we can provide a full chamber red light in the event of alarm. In addition to 

   the audible alert, the entire work chamber can switch from white light to red. This allows easy and instant

   identification of which fume cupboard may have an issue, even from the other side of the laboratory. 

Odyssey touch screen controller

Fitting the clear side window in the Compact PFH allows for remote monitoring of overnight or on going experiments via a wi-fi camera. The Odyssey control system has a number of communication channels that can be used to remotely alert users if there is an issue with the fume cupboard, improving safety and functionality. 

- Standard sizes are:                - 1200 mm wide x 600 mm deep

                                                  - 1200 mm wide x 750 mm deep

                                                  - 1500 mm wide x 600 mm deep

                                                  - 1500 mm wide x 750 mm deep

                                                  - 1800 mm wide x 600 mm deep

                                                  - 1800 mm wide x 750 mm deep

Special sizes are available on request

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